With a combined experience of more than 50 years, Peetz & Company partners with select corporate clients, non-profits, and government entities which become not only business partners, but groups we can champion and truly believe in.

Peetz & Company is a government relations firm based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company provides consulting services for federal, state, and local issues and specializes in public-private partnerships between corporate clients, non-profits, and government entities. Initiatives orchestrated by Peetz & Company include:

  • Coordination of strategy and lobby effort that led to passage of Behavioral Health legislation seeking to help address the shortage of behavioral healthcare workers in the state;
  • Model legislation involving a public-private partnership and the creation of a $60 million Early Childhood Endowment for at-risk children;
  • Organized a successful coalition that led to the repeal of Nebraska’s Estate Tax;
  • Legislation involving a public-private partnership targeting the treatment of children with Autism; and,
  • Developed and coordinated a strategy that led to the successful passage of Nebraska’s economic development package “The Nebraska Advantage Act.”

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